About Charles River Ventures

Founded in 1970, Charles River Ventures (CRV) is one of the oldest and most successful venture capital firms. Companies like Cascade, CIENA, Chipcom, NetGenesis, Parametric Technology, Sonus, Speechworks, Stratus Computer, Sybase, Vignette and dozens more have gone from idea to reality with the financial, managerial and visionary backing of CRV. The firm's investment returns are consistently among the highest of venture capital firms, giving us one of the best track records in the industry. Charles River Ventures takes a value-add approach to early-stage investing, providing entrepreneurs with access to more than just financial backing. Through combined access to financial capital, the right people and the right resources, CRV helps talented entrepreneurs turn innovative ideas into the category-leading companies.

The CRV partner who manages an investment is not just an expert in finance, but rather possesses deep operational experience in his investing sector. As former company founders, CEOs and senior executives of emerging companies, we know what it takes to build successful companies - because we've been there. Our hands-on approach to investing draws on the collective expertise of our partnership as well as our extensive network of contacts, built over 30 years, that we continually put to use for the entrepreneurs we back. This network assures that CRV-backed entrepreneurs get in front of the right people to achieve success - whether the issue is winning the first reference customer, building a world-class advisory board, or creating a unique distribution partnership with a leading systems integrator.

About Sigma Partners

Sigma Partners was founded in 1984 on the principle that people are the essential element of success. That is why Sigma focuses on identifying exceptional entrepreneurs with creative ideas and supporting them in building great companies.

Unlike some firms that hire venture capitalists based upon their business school degrees and finance backgrounds, we think it's much more important to have partners with experience in the trenches starting and running entrepreneurial companies. This first-hand experience allows us to give early-stage companies both tactical and strategic guidance and access to a powerful business network. We work on behalf of our portfolio companies. We know business doesn't always go as planned, but because we've invested in the best and brightest entrepreneurs, together we adapt and create success.

Our investment track record is proof. For over two decades Sigma Partners has invested in over a hundred early stage companies, and our portfolio has consistently outperformed. In 2005, we raised $400 million for Sigma Partners 7, bringing our total capital under management to over $1.5 billion. We continue to invest today in the same way we have since our inception, by identifying great entrepreneurs and collaborating with them to build strong businesses.

About Yahoo

Yahoo! Inc. is a leading global Internet brand and one of the most trafficked Internet destinations worldwide. Yahoo! is focused on powering its communities of users, advertisers, publishers, and developers by creating indispensable experiences built on trust. Yahoo! is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. For more information, visit