Feature Phones

Vlingo’s voice commands super-charge my mobile phone!

"Text Andy; You want to grab a bite tonight?"

"Update Facebook; Who’s  in NYC this weekend?"

"Italian restaurants in New York"

"Twitter status; Heading out for a night on the town!"

"Call Mom at home”


Vlingo has now developed its intelligent voice application for the JavaME and BMP operating systems.  On certain devices, users can now send texts, search the web, update Facebook or Twitter status and voice dial – all by simply speaking to their phone.  Vlingo makes it easy to get things done when you’re on the go!

Vlingo is only available through exclusive preload deals on premium phones like the Samsung Universe, Samsung Solstice II and Sharp Leaf.  If you have one of these devices, you can find Vlingo in the applications folder.  Check us out!  We’ll make your phone that much smarter.

You can find more detail about supported devices and features on our Support site here



Vlingo Not Available for Download on Feature Phones