Windows Mobile

Vlingo is the safest and easiest way to get things done on the go!

"Text John; You want to grab a bite tonight?"

"Email Erin; Running a few minutes late to the meeting."

"Update Facebook; In NYC for the weekend!"

"Call Pizza"

"Twitter status; I just rescued the cutest little puppy!"

"Surf shops in San Diego"


"How many yards in a kilometer?"

"Find a hotel in New York."


Vlingo for Windows turns my words into action by bringing together voice to text technology with intelligence.  

Vlingo allows you to search the web, place phone calls, connect with friends through social networks and so much more simply by speaking to your phone.

Start telling your phone what to do today by downloading Vlingo!

Still want to learn more?  Click here to look at some screenshots or check out more examples of what Vlingo for Windows Mobile can do for you.




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