With Vlingo for Nokia it's easier to get things done when I'm on the go!

"Text Maria; You going to Wimbledon?"

"Email Julia; This script is perfect.  I smell an Oscar."

"Update Facebook; Started training for the marathon."

"Find Chinese food"

"Italian restaurants in the North End of Boston"

"Get directions to a gas station"

"Movie times for Inception"

"What year did Back to the Future come out?"


Watch Vlingo for Nokia in action

Vlingo for Nokia combines fast and accurate speech to text technology with the intelligence to listen to what you say, and quickly connect you with people, businesses and activities so that you can get things done while on the go.  

Vlingo allows you to email, text, search the web, open native applications or update your Facebook status by simply speaking to your phone.

Turn your words into action today by downloading Vlingo on Ovi Store.

Interested in more info?  Here are some more video tutorials and examples of what you can do with Vlingo.




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