What is Vlingo?


Watch our video "Vlingo: A virtual assistant for everyone. Whatever you're into."

So, what the heck is this Vlingo thing everyone keeps talking about?  Is it a voice recognition application?  Is it an intelligent virtual assistant? Is it a portal to the best mobile content?  Or is it a fast and simple way to connect with the people who are an important part of your life?  The answer it’s a little bit of all that good stuff, wrapped into a tidy, convenient little package.

There’s no question that it’s harder to explain what Vlingo is, than to show what it does.  When you come right down to it, no one else out there does exactly what we do.  So what do you say we check the words at the door, and explore some Vlingo demos, screenshots, and examples for voice commands that you might find useful.

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Vlingo is available on most BlackBerry phones, Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phones that run OS 2.0 or higher, Nokia phones and select Windows Mobile devices.