Looking for some tips on how you can use voice commands to conduct a mobile search, text a friend, update your status, or find a good spot to grab a bite to eat?   Check out these great examples of how our voice to text technology and intelligent apps turn your words into actions.  The best way to become a Vlingo-master is by using the voice commands yourself – so get in there and try some of these out!

Connect with friends and family...

“Where are my friends?”

“Update Facebook status; Headed to New York for the weekend!”

“Call Mom”

“Text Laura; Want to see a movie tonight?”

“Email John; Subject, Running Late; Message, John, I’ll be 10 minutes late for the meeting.”


Find businesses and things to do...

“Call plumber”

“Find a sushi restaurant”

“Movie times in Boston

"Beachfront hotels in Miami"

"Call Best Buy"


And navigate through your daily life...

“What does poison ivy look like?”

“Get directions to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

“Open alarm clock”


You can also watch video tutorials, or check out some screenshots to learn more about what Vlingo can do.


Click on your phone's logo to learn more about Vlingo...

Vlingo is available on most BlackBerry phones, Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phones that run OS 2.0 or higher, Nokia phones and select Windows Mobile devices.