Handset Makers

Vlingo has partnered with mobile OEMs and wireless manufacturers in a variety of ways to enhance the native voice or preloaded voice functionality.  Vlingo’s products are compatible with most mobile operating systems, which help wireless manufacturers execute on their voice strategy across platforms. 

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Current announced partners 


Samsung partnered with Vlingo in February 2011 to bring Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant to its flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S II.  The smartphone is already shipping in Korea and Europe, and will launch in the U.S. this summer.  Users simply double-tap the home screen button to launch Voice Talk. Take a look at the following Samsung commercials:




Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant was first deployed on RIM’s Blackberry in June 2008 as a downloadable application.  Since then it has been preloaded on several BlackBerry models from U.S. carriers.  Users can still download the Vlingo Virtual Assistant to their BlackBerry on Vlingo.com or on App World.

Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant has achieved Blackberry Super App ranking, making it one of the top Blackberry apps that users love and access every day because they offer such a seamless, integrated, contextualized and efficient experience. Vlingo is a BlackBerry Super App.  Check out these TV commercials that highlight Super Apps:




Nokia partnered with Vlingo in September 2009 to preload Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant in two of Nokia’s hero devices - the E72 and N97. Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant is also available to download on the Ovi Store.  Most recently, Vlingo signed a deal with Nokia to be integrated on all Symbian 3 smartphones, an estimated 50 million devices worldwide.